The Designer

Marie, the stylist, is self-taught. Drawing and creating are her passions . The desire to launch out into the creative world has been ingrained in her for a long time but has only recently emerged. Her numerous trips abroad and her inherent know-how have enabled her to find high quality materials  to enable her to achieve the goal she holds dear; to make luxury affordable to all.

Marie is a nature lover and is especially attached to the ocean, from which she draws her strength . Her passion for surfing, skateboarding and horse riding has taught the importance of concentration, discipline, perseverance, balance and a great application  in achieving perfection. All these qualities have helped her determine her choices and they shine through in her creations.

Adélaïde, a hopeful and ambitious woman, in love with life and love.

Audacieuse Adélaïde

Concerned about the environment and animal protection, Adelaide dresses are entirely vegan and cruelty free.

We refuse to use any material from animals and we support the“Surfrider Foundation” for its commitment to safeguard the oceans.

Adelaide is a reference to the iconic city in South Australia, where surfing and art are interwoven into the  local culture but it also has resonance in  French regional history, with  Adelaide, Countess of Toulouse.

“The brand is open to the world while still remaining attached to its roots.”

Each piece of the collection is custom handcrafted with meticulous attention in an ethical, respectful and responsible workshop.

Marie, the designer, has a special affection for guipures and embroidered tulles that give the dresses volume and allowing it to flirt with transparency, while exuding a certain modernity .

Deep necklines and low-cut backs are her signature, and the brand is not afraid to highlight the silhouette.

Its signature features are simple but assertive cuts, feminine yet custom-fitted, Adelaide’s creations each have their own personality  and at the same time, showing a little daring.

Inspiration begins with a detail and takes on its full meaning when selecting fabrics.

Very invested in each piece, Marie develops a  relationship of trust with each of her brides.

She guides them with passion, patience and attention to each detail to allow them to feel unique and special. We strongly uphold the values of kindness, humility, authenticity and respect.

Each piece of the collection is handmade to order.

The collection models allow future brides to envision themselves and become aware of their own personal assets. We also offer them the opportunity to see themselves create a unique piece.

Each piece is hand-made to order according to the  client’s  measurements.